Québec’s first UAV piloting institute

From its establishment in 2012, KoptR is the dominant player in the field of drone pilot training in Québec. We have gained unparalleled experience in training hundreds of students. KoptR has distinguished itself from the competitors with its exemplary service, its outstanding trainers and its many years of experience.
Our instructors provided training in the military world, they have trained operators specialized in several countries, and on various aircraft, to name but a few of their great experience. In addition, most of KoptR family has a pilot license: airplane and/ or helicopter. Regulation and rigor required by aviation industry are applied to our training.

Aviation Specialist

KoptR is a training center with driven expertise in the field of UAVs. We have certified more UAV pilots than any other school in North America.

Recognized Program

KoptR is one of the only drone pilot institute recognized by the Ministry of Education. We're accredited from the Government of Canada and Quebec.